About Lola

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and wanting to learn more about the person behind it!

Who am I?

I’m Lola Noir, a star in the making.

Okay, so not really. Although yes, really.

My name is Ula and I come from Warsaw, Poland. From early age I was pretty sure I wanted to be an performing artist (I have musical education with experience in choir and solo singing, and I dabbled in theatre, musicals, dance and writing). After graduating from high school I tried out to several acting and musical schools and did not get accepted. The failure to get there on the first try, combined with some pre-existing mental health issues, made me stop pursuing my passions for several years and just kind of hibernate inside myself. So I finished studies and got an office job because it was pretty much the easiest thing to do.

Somewhere in 2012 I decided to start doing things I enjoy again. I started practicing burlesque (I’m a performer & producer now but you can read about it all here) and being active in retro-themed community. I also started this blog to kind of document my passions and have it all in one place.

My dream is for my passions to be a full-time employment. And eventually, to own a cabaret-style club.

What is this blog about?

I started this blog back in 2012 to write about my biggest passions and fascinations, which can be broadly described as the arts of the mid-20th century. My favourite decades are 1920s and 1930s but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t write about something earlier or later. Most retro blogs I know are focused on the fashion (later period, too), and not lifestyle as a whole, and I always wanted to write about the the visual media – film, TV, magazines, fashion, entertainment. Obviously I’m also very passionate about burlesque  but I do not want it to be the only focus of this place.

If you’re looking for my publications outside of this blog, check out the media page.

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