My 5 Favourite Retro Bloggers Right Now

Because I am interested in basically everything retro, it’s natural that I read as much as I can on the subject – and I look for inspiration from other retro bloggers!

Check out this list of my 5 favourite retro bloggers I’m following now and tell me if you knew them before or if you’ve just discovered them! Do you have your favourite retro blogs? Let me know in the comments!

B is For Brittany

I found Brittany on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her style. Her blog isn’t as active as her Instagram account but I still highly recommend it to everyone interested in early 20th century retro fashion!


Gracefully Vintage

Kayla is an Australian vintage fashion blogger with some very enviable wardrobe! I like her consistency, elegant outfits and pretty pretty pictures.


Flashback Summer

Oh man. This girl’s style is everything I love. Emileigh is serious goals for me. Hair goals (#straighthairproblems), outfit goals, and most importantly, sewing goals. That’s right! This girl sews almost everything she wears!


Vintage Gal

This blog is a MAJOR inspiration for me. Cate is another blogger who prefers the style of 1930s and 1940s with enviable wardrobe and sewing skills. She also writes about vintage lifestyle, movies & books, art, designs, and provides fashion roundups. Wow! Her blog is basically what I want my blog to grow into.


Curve Creation’s Closet

Missi’s presence on this list may surprise some since she is very much into 1940s and 1950s looks which are not really my cup of tea. While stylistically I tend to lean more towards 1920s and 1930s, I sincerely admire Missi’s dedication to her blog, her openness about her lifestyle and quite simply, the girl’s character. Her social media posts inspire me to do better, and to do it while looking FABULOUS

And that’s my favourite 5 retro bloggers right now! Would you like to see more of my favourites? Drop me a comment and let me know 🙂

January Sale – roundup

January sales are going to be the death of me. In the midst of New Year’s resolutions to keep my budget reasonable I am flooded by pretty dresses on sale. I seriously regret not being a graduate because I would have SO MANY GOOD OPTIONS for my prom. So suffer with me as I share with you a few of my favourites!

Rules: No more than 50$ for a piece. Must be available in various sizes.

You can click through for the link to product (no affiliate links = I don’t profit from this because I’m not that kind of fancy blogger. YET.)

Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage 1950s Style Black & Ivory Bombshell Stretch Wiggle Dress

1950s Style Black & Ivory Bombshell Stretch Wiggle Dress

Iconic by UV 1930s Style Ivory Floral Chiffon Ziegfeld Gown

Iconic by UV 1930s Style Ivory Floral Chiffon Ziegfeld Gown

Silver Speakeasy Tiered Fringe Flapper Dress

Iconic by UV Silver Speakesy Tiered Fringe Flapper Dress

Top Vintage

Collectif Clothing 50s Patricia Woodland Bloom Blouse in Black

Lindy Bop

‘Madison’ Glamorous 50’s Peach Vintage Style Prom Party Cocktail Dress

‘Vampira’ Leopart Print Velvet Wiggle Dress

‘Myrtle’ Midnight Blue Halter Neck Swing Dress


What Katie Did

What Katie Did Glamour Corselette

What Katie Did Cabaret Torsolette

Party like a flapper!


party like a flapper

While window-shopping before Christmas, I had a reflection. In mainstream fashion, it seems that New Year’s Eve is the only occasion when wearing sequins is à la mode.

Personally I like to add a little sparkle to all my outfits (and end up unintentionally doing so more often than not… kids, glitter is impossible to get rid of).

The end of the year seems the perfect occasion to go a little decadent – and what’s more decadent than a Great Gatsby-inspired, 1920s-themed outfit? Here you have some inspiration to help you channel your inner flapper:

Rule 1. Show those legs!
Rule 2. Loose waist hides the post-Christmas happy belly (not that it needs to be hidden!)
Rule 3. Make it sparkle!
Rule 4. Sensible heels mean you can dance all night!
Rule 5. Reuse Christmas tree decorations for a fun outfit!

party like a flapper

  1. 1920s Style Paprika & Gold Seven Voyages Beaded Reproduction Flapper Dress, Unique Vintage
  2. 1920s Style Black & Silver Deco Beaded Forster Flapper Dress, Unique Vintage
  3. 1920s Style Blush Geometric Sequin Deco Beaded Flapper Dress, Unique Vintage
  4. Black and Gold Gatsby Art Deco Style Evening Clutch Bag, Vintage Peppercorn, Etsy (basically you need a clutch which is a) sparkly, b) tasseled or c) both)
  5. Ruby Shoo 20s Belle Pumps in Platinum, Top Vintage (these are going to my personal wishlist, too!)
  6. Long Pearl Effect Rope Necklace, Claire’s (hint: you can use faux pearl bead Christmas tree garlands – I do!)
  7. Turban, Partybox (other colors also available but isn’t this silver amazing?!)
  8. 1920s vintage inspired wedding flapper headband, Gatsby Lady, Etsy
  9. Charleston Art Deco Headdress N83, Star Crossed Beauty, Etsy


Need some music for your stylish party? Why of course I have some suggestions!

And remember, have fun!

5 reasons to be happy

5 reasons to be happy

pink bows

(via Allegro)

5 reasons to be happy

perfume miniatures

(Chloé, Acqua by Roberto Cavalli, via Glossybox)

5 reasons to be happy

sky blue petticoat

(via Allegro)

5 reasons to be happy


5 reasons to be happy

100 fans on FB!


5 reasons to be happy

5 reasons to be happy

Lots of inspiration from a new book

5 reasons to be happy

Lots of bracelets

(cupcake: Lemon Lovely, star & clover: Lilou, red cat’s eye: Bijou Brigitte)

5 reasons to be happy

A cupcake handbag from a very cool lady

 (Karolin paskudzi)

5 reasons to be happy

Red nails

5 reasons to be happy

Lillies of the valley!