Madame Dabi Boudoir by Amalia Russiello

Madame Dabi Boudoir

I think I discovered Madame Dabi Boudouir by Amalia Russiello completely by chance, on Instagram of all places, and I was immediately enamoured in her style! Of course, you should know by now that I like nice, stylish illustrations, so this finding perfectly fits my aesthetic 🙂

Amalia Russiello

Amalia Russiello, based in Italy, is the creator of Madame Dabi. She is an art historian and illustrator, and the person behind the delicate, stylized artwork. The other half of the project is Loredana de Simone, who creates felt Boudoir Doll brooches and puff wands.

Madame Dabi Boudoir

It is clear that the two eras favoured by Amalia are baroque (especially the exuberantly decorative rococo) and 1920s. In my opinion, the illustrations would not be out of place on the covers of La Vie Parisienne or other such magazines. Her style is very feminine, full of bobbed flappers, flowing dresses, flowers, ruffles, feathers, and pearls, with a bit of BDSM, John Willie-inspired fetish eroticism thrown in for good measure 🙂 It really seems like her illustrations would look perfect hanging on the wall of a personal boudoir or a jazzy burlesque club.

tango - amalia russiello - madame dabi

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If you would like to learn more about or perhaps buy Amalia’s artwork, you’ll find links to her website and Etsy shop below. As usual, I’m very open to receiving gifts from you :*

Madame Dabi’s website

Madame Dabi on Etsy

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All illustrations were published with permission from Amalia Russiello.

boudoir doll 1920 flapper Madame Dabi Boudoir

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