New Year – New Beginnings!


You guys! In the beginning of this year I set myself a number of goals that I listed on my facebook:

  1. record some acts (possibly all of them, because I’m never happy about the videos I have)
  2. do some new acts (planning on two)
  3. fluff up my new burlesque website and buy own domain (like a pro)
  4. go abroad to a festival/competition
  5. record music & put it online
  6. prepare a workshop
  7. keep having fun doing what I love and loving what I do!

I am so proud to announce that I’ve officially fulfilled one of my goals (and time will tell whether I will fulfill another ^^). WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG AND PAGE! It took a lot of time for me to set it up all by myself but I am so happy with the result! I am still learning everything on the go, so expect me tweaking with stuff in here.

I have so many plans for this space! I really want to develop the “lifestyle” part of this blog, so in the near future you can expect the following:

  • make up reviews
  • make up tutorials
  • retro-themed book reviews
  • fashion posts (I will actually try and take pictures of what I’m wearing)
  • as usual, event reports
  • more TV & film reviews
  • scenes from a life of a burlesque performer/producer

This change is really important to me, as a lot of things are hapenning right now both in my personal and professional life. It truly is “new year – new beginnings” for me, but I’m so excited about it! Is there anything you would like to see here? If you do, let me know!