Retro Glamour – my favourite playlist on 8tracks

What is retro glamour? For me it’s the inspiration taken from the past, a bit nostalgic, very polished, idealized even. Glamorous. But always fun.

Music has always been a big, big part of my life. I went to music school, I always dreamed of performing in musicals on stage, I love jazz. So in daily life I also look for this jazzy, retro touch in, well, everything. Especially music. Hence, this playlist. I’m not much of a Top 40 person, but I gathered a collection of tunes with that retro feel that I like listening to, and decided to share it with you. Please tell me what you think and give it some love on 8tracks!

Retro Glamour

Retro Glamour from lolanoir on 8tracks Radio.

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