Retro Playlist – COVID-19 But Make It Retro

In this difficult time that is the quarantine caused by the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, we must take care not only of our physical health, but our mental health as well. Music is one of my personal favourite tools of escapism. This is why I prepared another retro playlist for you, adequately named “COVID-19 but make it retro”. So, retro tunes, retro covers of songs that are kinds funny right now. You gotta keep laughing, right?

And yes, I know some songs appear more thatn once. It was hard choosing just one cover, so have all of them 🙂 That way the playlist is longer and you won’t get bored of it so quickly.

COVID-19 But Make It Retro

01. “Fever” — Peggy Lee
02. “Stayin Alive” — Bee Gees
03. “Down With The Sickness” — Richard Cheese
04. “Toxic” — Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox
05. “Help!” — The Beatles
06. “Isolation” — John Lennon
07. “Dear Doctor” — The Rolling Stones
08. “I’m Sick Y’All” — Otis Redding
09. “When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going” — Easy Virtue Soundtrack
10. “My Baby Just Cares For Me” — Nina Simone
11. “Hot in Herre” — Gypsies of Bohemia
12. “I Will Survive” — The Puppini Sisters
13. “Love Is The Drug” — Bryan Ferry & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
14. “I Want To Hold Your Hand” — The Beatles
15. “Night Fever” — Bee Gees
16. “Don’t Touch Me” — Etta James
17. “Your Love Is My Drug” — Robyn Adele Anderson
18. “St James Infirmary” — Louis Armstrong
19. “The End of the World” — Skeeter Davis
20. “That’s Life” — Frank Sinatra
21. “Panic” — The Puppini Sisters
22. “Everybody Hurts” — Paul Anka
23. “Feer” — Mongo Santamaria
24. “In The Air Tonight” — James Farrelli
25. “Bad Blood” — Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox
26. “Another One Bites The Dust” — Eve St. Jones
27. “Every Breath You Take” — Karen Souza
28. “Tainted Love” — Stella Starlight Trio
29. “Toxic” — Sugarpie And The Candymen
30. “I Want To Hold Your Hand” — Sugarpie And The Candymen
31. “Help!” — Sugarpie And The Candymen
32. “Toxic” — Gypsies of Bohemia
33. “Can’t Feel My Face” — Stella Starlight Trio
34. “The Final Countdown” — Minimatic
35. “Stayin’ Alive” — Funky Butt Brass Band
36. “Cough/Cool” — Misfits

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