Burlesque Bible Colouring Book

Burlesque Bible Colouring Book

Burlesque Bible, as some of my readers may know, is Europe’s most prominent burlesque-themed magazine. I had the pleasure of having one of my favourite posts printed in the Fall 2013 issue. When I read their newsletter announcing the publication of Burlesque Bible Colouring Book, I immediately pre-ordered it, because, well, burlesque and colouring books!

What’s The Deal With Adult Colouring Books?

Adult colouring books are becoming more and more popular. This is due to the proven fact that art therapy reduces stress. While adult colouring books are not the same as art therapy (which should still be done with an educated therapist), colouring can help with symptoms of depression. Why? Because it is manual work, which helps alleviating anxiety by focusing on the work at hand. And it’s good for you especially when you’re not comfortable with other forms of creative expression (because you’re filling in an image created by someone else, which is safer). In addition to this, you’re working with colours and you can see the result of your work instantly. Plus, these colouring books for adults are just so damn pretty.


What’s Inside?

Burlesque Bible Colouring Book is the fourth colouring book I bought. I also have two art deco colouring books and a Harry Potter one (Slytherin pride!).

This colouring book contains 16 pages with hand-drawn artwork featuring Dita Von Teese, Hilda, Gil Elvgren’s art, corsets, retro lingerie… there’s even an e-mail link if you want free digital copies of individual drawings!

What Do I Think?

Honestly, I thought there would be a bit more illustrations. For £5.50, 16 pages is not very much. Also, I’m not a big fan of the sketchy style of the illustrations. But I love the quality of the publication and the idea behind the book is sooooo me so I’m looking forward to channeling my inner Olivia De Berardinis.

burlesque bible colouring book

You can have a go at it by yourselves and buy the colouring book here! They may be sold out at the moment but if there’s enough interest, Helene of BB promised reprints!