Quick Christmas Wishlist!


Christmas is right around the corner, so I thought I’d create a quick wishlist (although I’ve already treated myself to two early presents* – everyone knows the best presents are the ones we give ourselves!)

Greta Vintage Store – Burlesque Garter Belt

Why? Several reasons… but mostly why not!

Greta Vintage Store

A ticket to Dita’s Crazy Show at Crazy Horse Paris

What a dream trip it would be! Plus a chance to meet my Parisian showgirl friends!


Besame Cosmetics Lipstick 

In any colour really… although Noir Red sounds just like the shade for me 🙂

Besame Cosmetics

Rago Open Bottom Girdle 9357

In black, obviously. Worn as a costume rather than underwear, obviously.

Rago Shapewear

A high heel chair

…I’m not even going to try and justify that. I’d pick a different colour scheme though. Maybe something red and black, to fit the rest of the gifts 😀


* If you’re curious, this is what I gave myself:

Dita Von Teese “Your Beauty Mark”

Dita Von Teese

Rebel Madness Pure Red Underbust Corset (that just begs for some bedazzling! ^^)

Rebel Madness

(all  product photos taken from original sites, none belong to me and everything was for informational purpose only)