NOIRVEMBER – Noir Princesses by Ástor Alexander

noir princesses

Oh, the things you can sometimes find on Tumblr! These noir-themed reimaginations of Disney princesses are just the perfect thing to look at during Noirvember.

Ástor Alexander is an illustrator and painter who also drew some fairly interesting artwork for The Witcher (including a similarly noir-themed set!), Legend of Zelda, Pokemon (seriously) and others, as well as some pretty stunning retro-themed original artwork. Be sure to check it out!

As for this set, I especially like how the designs incorporate the original colour schemes while still being fairly realistic. And the titles sound so intriguing!… I think my favourite is Bella from “The Beauty and the Beast” in her blue trousers & waistcoat combo. 

Noir Princesses
“Miss White & The Unlawful Seven”
“Pocahontas. Private Eye”
Noir Princesses
“The Long Sleep”
“The Lady from Henan”
Noir Princesses
“The Goddaughter”
Noir Princesses
“The Arabian Heist”
“Shadows of New Orleans”
Noir Princesses
“High Sea Robbery”
Noir Princesses
“Beast Hunter”

Original Tumblr post

Art prints on Society6

Which one is your favourite? Which one would you like to read/watch most? Share in the comments! 

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Style Noir

Style Noir

A great photo shoot from September 2009 Vogue Italia. We have a classical and modern femme fatale. Blonde, brunette, redhead. Probably my second favourite photo shoot in this style.

Style Noir

Style Noir Style Noir Style Noir Style Noir Style Noir Style Noir Style Noir Style Noir Style Noir Style Noir Style Noir

Model: Lara Stone
Photos: Paolo Roversi
Styling: Edward Enninful
Hair: Luigi Murenu
Make up: Aaron De Mey

Killers Kill, Dead Men Die


Photo shoot by Annie Leibowitz and Michael Roberts appeared in Vanity Fair in March 2007. “Killers Kill, Dead Men Die” according to them is an enigmatic classic noir film which one was almost made. Could have been made. Maybe it never was made. Maybe it exists. The whole thing is very mysterious.

Vanity Fair itself writes:

Every element of the genre is here: The Femme Fatale, sultry, scheming, and doped up on tranquilizers; The Private Dick, crawling through the gutter in search of a diamond garter; The Chanteuse and The Champ; The Doll and The Aristocrat; The Spy who knows too little and The Moll who knows too much; mistaken identity and double indemnity; high life and low society; shocking—though possibly nonsensical—plot turns; despair, lust, blood violence, and the cruel fist of fate. Finally, lurking in the shadows behind all this is the menacing figure of The Killer. And what does he do? Why, he does what all killers do: he kills.

On Vanity Fair’s webpage (link at the end of the post) you will find descriptions of scenes depicted on these beautiful photographs.

Killers Kill, Dead Men Die

Vanity Fair