NOIRVEMBER Day 9 – Film Noir Fashion Photoshoots

Noirvember Day 9Another day, another Noirvember post! Let me give you a little spoiler of the things to come later this month. Apart from movies, I am going to write about inspirations behind film noir and inspirations from film noir. I already talked a bit about the sound of film noir, but today I want to focus on the look of film noir.

A Dame to Kill For

Because film noir has such a strong visual style associated with clear emotions, it provides inspiration to fashion designers, photographers & other artists to this day! This is why today, I would like to give you a list of film noir-inspired photo shoots that I have already posted about in the past!

  1. Style Noir, Vogue Italia (2009)Noirvember Day 9 - Style Noir
  2. Thinking of a Glamorous Time, Vogue Italia (2012)
    Noirvember Day 9 - Thinking of a Glamorous Time
  3. Killers Kill, Dead Men Die, Vanity Fair (2007)
    Noirvember Day 9 - Killer Kill, Dead Men Die

Do you think this list is missing some iconic film noir-inspired fashion photo shoot? Share your favourites in the comments!

Photo shoot with Anksfoto


The photo shoot with Anks took place a year ago – it was a birthday present. It was my first time as a model in front of a camera. In retrospect – I could have prepared myself better. For instance, I could have not done it the day after my birthday party 🙂 But I come back to it with great sentiment – Anks has a gift for taking pictures, I always find something interesting in her photos, something I’ve never seen in myself before.


Anksfoto Anksfoto Anksfoto Anksfoto Anksfoto Anksfoto Anksfoto Anksfoto Anksfoto Anksfoto Anksfoto Anksfoto


Photo shoot with Hell Foto


Marta and I agreed on the photo shoot quite spontaneously – one day I came by her place with a few clothes and a bag of make up and we shot the photos at her apartment. It was my first photo shoot in which I consciously wanted to refer to a specific style – in this case the theme was femme fatale.


Marta has a fantastic approach to models – she immediately handed me a glass of port “because it has a photogenic colour!”. I admit it helped also to relax in front of the camera 🙂

A couple of days alter Women Alternative’s fanpage announced a competition for the cover of their calendar so I immediately informed Marta who submitted one of the pictures from this photo shoot. I was Lola Noir’s double debut – not only was it the first time I used that pseudonym, but also it was the first time I took part in a competition as a model. I didn’t win, but the number of votes cast for my photo (over 160, which gave me the 9th place for over 40 submissions!) has truly surprised and touched me – in that respect I surpassed admired by me burlesque performers such as Pin Up Candy or Kitty Van Purr.  Participation in this contest was very flattering and encouraged me to develop my modeling activities – more on that soon 🙂



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