Killers Kill, Dead Men Die

Sesja Annie Leibowitz i Michaela Robertsa ukazała się w magazynie Vanity Fair w marcu 2007. „Killers Kill, Dead Men Die” wg nich to zagadkowy klasyczny film noir, który prawie kiedyś powstał. Albo mógł powstać. Może nigdy nie powstał. Może istnieje. Cała sprawa jest mocno enigmatyczna.

Samo Vanity Fair pisze:

Every element of the genre is here: The Femme Fatale, sultry, scheming, and doped up on tranquilizers; The Private Dick, crawling through the gutter in search of a diamond garter; The Chanteuse and The Champ; The Doll and The Aristocrat; The Spy who knows too little and The Moll who knows too much; mistaken identity and double indemnity; high life and low society; shocking—though possibly nonsensical—plot turns; despair, lust, blood violence, and the cruel fist of fate. Finally, lurking in the shadows behind all this is the menacing figure of The Killer. And what does he do? Why, he does what all killers do: he kills.

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Killers Kill, Dead Men Die

Vanity Fair