NOIRVEMBER – Noir Princesses by 脕stor Alexander

noir princesses

Oh, the things you can sometimes find on Tumblr! These noir-themed reimaginations of Disney princesses are just the perfect thing to look at during Noirvember.

脕stor Alexander is an illustrator and painter who also drew some fairly interesting artwork for The Witcher (including a similarly noir-themed set!), Legend of Zelda, Pokemon (seriously) and others, as well as some pretty stunning retro-themed original artwork. Be sure to check it out!

As for this set, I especially like how the designs incorporate the original colour schemes while still being fairly realistic. And the titles sound so intriguing!… I think my favourite is Bella from “The Beauty and the Beast” in her blue trousers & waistcoat combo. 

Noir Princesses
“Miss White & The Unlawful Seven”
“Pocahontas. Private Eye”
Noir Princesses
“The Long Sleep”
“The Lady from Henan”
Noir Princesses
“The Goddaughter”
Noir Princesses
“The Arabian Heist”
“Shadows of New Orleans”
Noir Princesses
“High Sea Robbery”
Noir Princesses
“Beast Hunter”

Original Tumblr post

Art prints on Society6

Which one is your favourite? Which one would you like to read/watch most? Share in the comments! 

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Madame Dabi Boudoir by Amalia Russiello

Madame Dabi Boudoir

I think I discovered Madame Dabi Boudouir by Amalia Russiello completely by chance, on Instagram of all places, and I was immediately enamoured in her style! Of course, you should know by now that I like nice, stylish illustrations, so this finding perfectly fits my aesthetic 馃檪

Amalia Russiello

Amalia Russiello, based in Italy, is the creator of Madame Dabi. She is an art historian and illustrator, and the person behind the delicate, stylized artwork. The other half of the project is Loredana de Simone, who creates felt Boudoir Doll brooches and puff wands.

Madame Dabi Boudoir

It is clear that the two eras favoured by Amalia are baroque (especially the exuberantly decorative rococo) and 1920s. In my opinion, the illustrations would not be out of place on the covers of聽La Vie Parisienne聽or other such magazines. Her style is very feminine, full of bobbed flappers, flowing dresses, flowers, ruffles, feathers,聽and pearls, with a bit of BDSM, John Willie-inspired fetish eroticism thrown in for good measure 馃檪 It really seems like her illustrations would look perfect hanging on the wall of a personal boudoir or a jazzy burlesque club.

tango - amalia russiello - madame dabi

baroque fendi madame dabi 001

If you would like to learn more about or perhaps buy Amalia’s artwork, you’ll find links to her website and Etsy shop below. As usual, I’m very open to receiving gifts from you :*

Madame Dabi’s website

Madame Dabi on Etsy

Do you know any similar artists? Or maybe you are an artist in the retro style? Would like me to feature your artwork on my blog? If so, write me:

All illustrations were published with permission from Amalia Russiello.

boudoir doll 1920 flapper Madame Dabi Boudoir

Choosing madame dabi Amalia Russiello

serva 001 Madame Dabi Boudoir

Kate Gabrielle’s Flapper Doodles

Completely by chance I discovered Kate Gabrielle’s art and the Scathingly Brilliant blog roughly at the same time. From the first look I was enamored by her Flapper Doodles, a series of illustrations featuring two flappers, Eloise and Ramona. You can see them dancing, dressing up, having fun and generally being very stylish ladies.

Flapper Doodles

Kate Gabrielle Flapper Doodles

Kate Gabrielle Flapper Doodles

Kate Gabrielle Flapper Doodles

Kate Gabrielle Flapper Doodles

Kate Gabrielle Flapper Doodles

Kate Gabrielle also has a wide (and I mean really聽wide) range of products featuring her Flapper Doodles, which includes, but is not limited to: art prints, wallpapers, calendars, pendants, acrylic brooches, t-shirts, iPhone cases, rugs, pillows, mugs and the lot.聽You can shop for them聽here, here, here聽and here. You can buy me any of these, anytime, too. Do take a look at Kate’s other art, which is really cool as well!

All art posted with permission from Kate Gabrielle.

Burlesque Bible Colouring Book

Burlesque Bible Colouring Book

Burlesque Bible, as some of my readers may know, is Europe’s most prominent burlesque-themed magazine. I had the pleasure of having one of my favourite posts printed in the Fall 2013 issue. When I read their newsletter announcing the publication of Burlesque Bible Colouring Book, I immediately pre-ordered it, because, well, burlesque and colouring books!

What’s The Deal With Adult Colouring Books?

Adult colouring books are becoming more and more popular. This is due to the proven fact that art therapy reduces stress. While adult colouring books are not the same as art therapy (which should still be done with an educated therapist), colouring can help with symptoms of depression. Why? Because it is manual work, which helps alleviating anxiety by focusing on the work at hand. And it’s good for you especially when you’re not comfortable with other forms of creative expression (because you’re filling in an image created by someone else, which is safer). In addition to this, you’re working with colours and you can see the result of your work instantly. Plus, these colouring books for adults are just聽so damn pretty.


What’s Inside?

Burlesque Bible Colouring Book is the fourth colouring book I bought. I also have two art deco colouring books and a Harry Potter one (Slytherin pride!).

This colouring book contains 16 pages with hand-drawn artwork featuring Dita Von Teese, Hilda, Gil Elvgren’s art, corsets, retro lingerie… there’s even an e-mail link if you want free digital copies of individual drawings!

What Do I Think?

Honestly, I thought there would be a bit more illustrations. For 拢5.50, 16 pages is not very much. Also, I’m not a big fan of the sketchy style of the illustrations. But I love the quality of the publication and the idea behind the book is sooooo me so聽I’m looking forward to channeling my inner Olivia De Berardinis.

burlesque bible colouring book

You can have a go at it by yourselves and buy the colouring book here! They may be sold out at the moment聽but if there’s enough interest, Helene of BB promised reprints!

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein to obok Andy’ego Warhola najwa偶niejszy przedstawiciel nurtu pop art. Jego grafiki s膮 rozpoznawalne na pierwszy rzut oka. Najbardziej charakterystycznymi cechami jego stylu s膮 inspiracje komiksem, parodia i poczucie humoru.

Lichtenstein urodzi艂 si臋 w 1923 roku w Nowym Jorku. Sztuka by艂a jego hobby od wczesnych lat szkolnych. Jako nastolatek by艂 ogromnym fanem jazzu i jego pierwsze prace by艂y portretami muzyk贸w. W 1939 roku uczestniczy艂 w wakacyjnych kursach w Arts Student League of New York, a nast臋pnie rozpocz膮艂 studia na Ohio State University. Po trzyletniej przerwie na s艂u偶b臋 w wojsku uda艂o mu si臋 sko艅czy膰 studia z tytu艂em magistra w 1949 roku. Lichtenstein zosta艂 na uczelni jako nauczyciel rysunku. Pe艂ni艂 t臋 rol臋 z przerwami przez 10 lat.

Pocz膮tkowo, w latach 50, Roy Lichtenstein malowa艂 w stylu abstrakcyjnego ekspresjonizmu. Nie zajmowa艂 si臋 te偶 malarstwem “na ca艂y etat” – pracowa艂 jako m. in. jako kre艣larz czy dekorator. Dopiero na pocz膮tku lat 60 zainteresowa艂 si臋 pop artem i odni贸s艂 sukces na tyle wielki, 偶e m贸g艂 zaj膮膰 si臋 tylko sztuk膮.

Roy Lichtenstein

“Look Mickey” (1961), wzorowane na ilustracji z komiksu autorstwa Boba Granta i Boba Tottena:聽

Roy Lichtenstein

“Look Mickey” by艂o prac膮, kt贸ra rozpocz臋艂a okres “pop-artowy” w tw贸rczo艣ci Lichtensteina. W tym samym roku stworzy艂 on jeszcze sze艣膰 obraz贸w pokazuj膮cych postacie znane z komiks贸w czy reklam. Jego pierwsza solowa wystawa obraz贸w w tej stylistyce mia艂a miejsce w galerii Castelli w 1962 i ca艂a przedstawiana tam kolekcja zosta艂a wykupiona jeszcze przed otwarciem przez bardzo wp艂ywowych kolekcjoner贸w sztuki.

Roy LichtensteinGirl With Ball” (1961)

Roy Lichtenstein

“Drowning Girl” (1963)

Roy Lichtenstein


“Whaam!” (1963), adaptacja panelu z komiksu “All-American Men of War” to bodaj najs艂ynniejsza praca Lichtensteina.

Inne jego prace:

Roy Lichtenstein

“Pistol” (1964)

Roy Lichtenstein“Oh, Jeff…I Love You, Too…But…” (1964)

Roy Lichtenstein

“Happy Tears” (1964)tumblr_mnghtenB9Y1sppaa7o3_1280

“We Rose Up Slowly” (1964)


“Reverie” (1965)


“This Must Be The Place” (1965)


“Aspen Winter Jazz” (1967)



“Modern Art Poster” (1967)


“Still Life with Goldfish” (1972)

Lichtenstein eksperymentowa艂 tak偶e z adaptacjami obraz贸w malarzy takich jak Van Gogh, Cezanne czy Picasso, oraz drukiem sitowym i rze藕b膮. By艂 aktywny artystycznie a偶 do 艣mierci w 1997 roku.

Jego obraz “Woman with Flowered Hat” zosta艂 niedawno zlicytowany. Laurence Graff, brytyjski jubiler, zakupi艂 go za niebagateln膮 cen臋 56,1 mln dolar贸w.